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  • Excellence

    around the clock

    Let us serve you in your time of need.

    Our new 24-Hour Night Point is located at our Main Lab in Blue Area, Islamabad.

  • Location, Location, Location.

    With new collection points in Faisalabad, Peshawar, Lahore and F-8 Markaz our region-wide network is growing larger every day.

Our commitment to Excellence

A legacy of trust.

For over fifteen years, Excel Labs has been the most trusted name in laboratory diagnostics.

An unwavering commitment to service, quality and accuracy make us the leading diagnostic laboratory in Northern Pakistan.

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A region-wide network

How Convenient...

With over a dozen labs and collection points across Northern Pakistan, Excel Quality is never more than a stone's throw away.

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A leader in corporate testing

Simple Choices

Our competitive pricing, highly customizable packages and outstanding quality make us the top panel choice for the nation's largest, most respected companies.

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Helping make a healthier you

A different kind of healing.

Not all medicine comes from pharmacies.

Simple, natural methods can help to prevent a wide array of diseases.

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Unparalleled customer service

Talk to us.

We demand the utmost from ourselves.

Call, email or visit us, and allow us the opportunity to prove our commitment to excellence to you.

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